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20 Weather Warnings issued for tomorrow, here is where, what they are and how to deal with them.

Below you will find twenty weather warnings issued for different parts of South Africa. All of these warnings have been issued for tomorrow, 29/11/21. In order to find out weather your area will be affected, look for the name of your area in green text. If you do find yourself in one of these areas, than consult the weather safety tips I have laid out throughout this article.

Hot weather tips :

If you find that you may have hot weather. The first thing you should do is freeze a bottle of water. During the day it will serve as both an ice object to keep you cool, and a refreshing drink as it defrosts. Always remember to also dress for the weather. Dressing in layers, were you can remove different layers according to the, can be incredibly helpful. Remember to also keep an eye on people who need help, the elderly, the very young, disabled people and children all need special attention during hot water.

Cold Weather :

If you are having cold weather tomorrow than consider taking a hot drink with you in a flask. Remember that warming your insides with a hot cup of tea, is just as important as warming your outsides. Dressing in layers is also helpful during this time, as you can remove or add layers depending on how the weather changes. If there is stormy weather, than try to stay at home and off the roads. Remember to be especially cautious when driving.

In any situation remember to have supplies ready for quick meals and Loadshedding as you never know when the weather will affect the electricity infrastructure.

What do you think of these weather warnings and what are your tips to help survive them. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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