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Here is a list of Zulu and Ndebele surnames in Zimbabwe and South Africa

If you tell a Southern African the meaning of your name, they will most likely give you a story about family drama, customs, and even foretelling. In the original language, Rolihlahla means "pulling the limb of a tree" and can also be translated as "troublemaker." It was given to a South African chief's son in 1918. Nelson Mandela (a.k.a. Rolihlahla) fulfilled his prophecy during his lifetime.

In the phonebooks of Harare and Bulawayo, you'll find Lovemores Addmores Godknowses Noviolets and Pinkroses among the Annes Johns and Philips. Recently, a huge number of professional Zimbabwean soccer players, as well as the opposition leader, have been dubbed Have-a-Look Dube. Welshman is his given name. According to Pinkrose Mpofu, a contact center operator in Johannesburg, many parents in the United States believe that giving their child an English name will help them achieve in life. In fact, Ms.Mpofu will encounter Zimbabwean coworkers with the names Thanksalot and Godknows in the next office down the hall. She explains that when we introduce ourselves, we get a lot of laughter.

During the last century, English has grown in importance in Zimbabwe's government, education, and media sectors, and as a result, the country's naming history has seen its linguistic idiosyncrasies stretch even further.

They are relics of a Zimbabwe that was once Africa's most educated nation, with one of the continent's most democratic and rigorous post-colonial school systems, producing English speakers in both the country's wealthiest and poorest demographics.

I continue to believe that not everyone claiming to be of South African ancestry is indeed a South African. In South Africa, there are a big number of people who are descended from somewhere else. I appreciate that some of the comments are upsetting, but I wrote this essay because of the South African mentality of looking at people's surnames and deciding that they were not born in the nation. I would not have written this post if we were all compelled to accept the premise that South Africans are defined as anyone who is a citizen enrolled in the Department of Home Affairs' data bank. Take a look at the following list.

In Zimbabwe, there are Zulus.











South African Ndebeles










That's all I'm attempting; I'm merely attempting to deconstruct the concept of pride; after all, the majority of these surnames have meaning in at least one African language. They are people who use these surnames in their original languages; thus, being Zulu involves using the Zulu language to address a shona surname.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please use the platform provided below to express your thoughts on the subject.

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