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Road Accident

Checkout The Message An Angry Driver Wrote For Traffic Officers Who Stopped Him (see pics)

It's funny how if you should look at many of our roads country they are dominated with nothing but potholes, Shortage of traffic lights and relevant roads signs while at other instances there are no roads at all but gravel roads yet car owners pay for their car licenses, Pay roads fines and other road related funds just to drive on the damaged roads I have just told you about above.

Quite a lot of these drivers do always complain about them on a daily basis however, The sad part of it seems to be that they all seem to complain about them to irrelevant earns and individuals because although they complain, Nothing gets done anyway, So now one motorist decided to be a gamechanger and wrote a mini note to at his car complaining about these roads to the very right individuals Check out the pic below to see the stunt he pulled.

Well as much as the traffic police are not employed under the department of roads they all work under the same government with those who are responsible for making roads to be in good conditions,So this means that they have no choice but to pass the plea of roads to be fixed to the right ears, If they do not do it people will be caught with unroad worthy cars and blame the bad conditions of the roads and such will start making their jobs a little harder for that will cause unexpected arguments and so forth.

So a reader who could also be a car owner on the side, What do you think about this trick which this guy pulled ? Please check out what others said when they saw what he has done in the screenshots attached below 

So now with all this being said, what is it that you have to say about what he did? Please write some comments below 

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