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A guy helped a stranger with R800 on social media and two years later the stranger did this

Helping a total stranger is not something that is easy to do. These is because there are a lot of scam artists masquerading as poor people all even even on social media platforms so that they can scam innocent people of their hard earned cash.

It is however unfortunate that some genuine people end up not getting help because of these scam artist. A certain guy took a risk on Twitter and helped out a stranger who was in desperate need of cash as he had gotten a new job. He wrote "2018 I borrowed this guy R800 on this app. He needed the money for transport on a new job and he paid me right after he got paid. He gave me R1000. This year he owns three properties and two cars. I recently approached him with a business idea. I'm invited for my first business meeting on Monday."

A lot of people were happy for this guy that he had taken a huge risk to give out money to someone that he barely knew but fortunately the tables have turned now and the guy he assisted is now also in a position to assist him. Life works miraculously sometimes.

However despite the good story that happened to these two people were still sceptical about sending money to strangers. Sometimes concrete proof that the person is actually in need is needed so that money can actually put to good use than in the hands of scam artist.

There are however some people with generally good hearts. They just randomly help people in the belief that these people are genuinely asking for help "Giving comes automatically if you are very generous. If you are a stingy person it must pass your logic and your jealousy towards anyone." commented a Twitter user

A lot of people congratulated the duo or their upcoming and future businesses together.

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