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Huge amount of FAKE notes was discovered by cops in PRETORIA and this. See how much it was

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TMPD representative, Senior Director Isaac Mahamba, said during an activity, cops saw a dubious guard including the red Reach Wanderer, two Mercedes Benz vehicles and a Toyota in Pretoria focal on Friday.

"The activity was led following an organization managing in tax evasion and fake cash. During the activity, the officials were following an escort of dubious vehicles including a red Reach Meanderer, two Mercedes Benz had a Toyota Corolla," said Mahamba.

The TMPD officials caught and looked through the Reach Wanderer at Shangri-la Road. During the hunt, the officials found a fake R100 note was found.

A man was captured in Pretoria vital for ownership of around R3, 5 million fake monetary orders in Pretoria CBD.

"Upon additional scrutinizing, the driver drove them to the premises at Refrain Bopape Road where more phony cash was kept. At the premises, a steel box loaded with fake cash was found alongside synthetic compounds used to clean the cash,"

"The fake cash tracked down adds up to more than R3, 5 million. The officials additionally found that the name of the suspect matches the suspect who was looked for tax evasion."

Police likewise settled that the man was needed for tax evasion and they captured him. Photograph: TMPD

The suspect was then captured for ownership of fake monetary certificates.

"He will show up in court soon," said Mahamba.

"All around good to the group. The TMPD will keep on combatting wrongdoing in the City of Tshwane."

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