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Tuck Shop Owner Shot In The Face When 4 Suspects Pounced On Him

Tuck Shop Owner Killed: Buffelsdraai

A 39 year old male was shot and killed while walking to his residence in Buffelsdraai, the incident happened at night and it became a serious problem for the members of the public to experience for sure and they made the necessary efforts in order to prevent it.

RUSA officers arrived on scene at 21:19 & found the man lying dead after he was shot in the face, this is clearly a crime of passion because no one who would do such a thing willingly knowing that they’re going to inflict a lot of pain to the victim and their purpose would be exactly that to inflict a lot of pain.

His 31 year old girlfriend says that he ran a tuck shop in the area, we hope that he was not targeted for this trivial business because you’d find out that this is definitely the case and there are people who are fighting for rights to own shops in the area.

They closed up shop when the incident happened and they were making their way home, when they realised that they were being followed by four unknown suspects. Obviously they did not anticipate that this is something that the suspect was trying to do, they thought that perhaps the suspects could be interested in perpetrating some kind of robbery on them that is why they were aware of the actions of those individuals.

The suspects produced firearms and fired shots in their direction, however later on she discovered that her handbag and her boyfriend's backpack were missing from the scene. This is after she bravely returned to the scene in order to ensure the safety of her boyfriend because when she ran she did not anticipate that he will be left behind, and as it turned out he was shot immediately when the suspects had fired shots which had created a very bad situation as he couldn’t run away.

The female was not injured in the incident, It is believed that the attack was more focused than the men and they simply allowed her to run away from the scene, this is truly a very tragic incident and we hope that she can be able to identify the suspects so that they can be arrested.

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