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EtvScandal|| Rorisang was arrested. Freddy will do everything in his power to make Lilly Juice pay

Rorisang was scammed by Lilly Juice along with some other people. Lilly Juice planned everything and made sure that everything would point out to Rorisang, little did she know that she was messing with the wrong people. Freddy will not let his woman go to jail while she is innocent. Rorisang made things worse for herself by trying to escape town while the police told her not to travel, now they arrested her.

She always messes up and run back to Freddy with problems and he always helps her because he loves her. He is now getting a plan together to lure Lilly Juice out of her hiding place. Lilly Juice has fallen for the trap but she wants money to show that they are serious. Rori created a mess and Freddy is fixing it but as soon as her name is cleared people will be saying that Freddy and Rorisang do not belong together.


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EtvScandal|| Freddy Lilly Juice Rori Rorisang


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