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WATCH: A video of Police Officers being attacked by Criminals shook Mzansi

Crime is increasing at a rapid rate, leaving the majority of South Africans, together with police officials, scared for their lives. People are no longer walking in the streets freely out of fear of being mugged or killed by criminals. We live in a country where a person can die for his or her belongings. It is very shocking to hear that a person has been shot for a mere cellphone.

Nowadays, in South Africa, people are terrorized even in the day light. People are scared to walk alone, particularly in Johannesburg, fearing that they could be scammed or mugged. People have normalised working in groups to avoid being the victim of crime. Not only in Johannesburg, but literally across the whole country.

The Vehicle tracker South Africa has reported that two police officials have been caught on camera being attacked by criminals trying to escape after being caught by the police. In a video published by the vehicle tracker South Africa, two policemen can be seen stopping the criminals' cards and trying to arrest them. One policeman in a video can be seen singing while holding a gun at the window of the criminals' car. However, the criminals immediately open a car and attempt to shoot the police before running away.

Another criminal can also be seen running at a very high speed away from the police. Mzansi was amazed to see how the police could approach criminals like that. Some people question if they are fully trained or not. Others also commented that they got it wrong the moment they parked the car parallel to one of the criminals.

Others were left speechless after seeing the suspects and running from the police like athletes. The speed that they were running with shows that they were behind the criminal acts and don't want to be caught and arrested.

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Watch video here:

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