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Generations : Kumkani is eating liver and uses it to control Mpho - we saw it coming

(opinion)Generations : Kumkani is eating the liver and uses it to control Mpho - we saw it coming

Desperate to solve the bloody murder case that the police aren’t seemingly very interested in, Mpho will battle his inner demons as he gradually begins to take the law into his hands. At this point, we see that Mpho will do whatever it takes to find Tamryn's killers.

When Tamryn and Mpho met at the commune for the first time, they had good, honest conversations and they enjoyed learning from each other. Leaving together seem fun, and Mpho believes Tamryn did not deserve to killed the way she was.

Mpho is determined to a point where he is moving in to stay with Kumkani and quite his job. Is Mpho playing Kumkani?? Is he deliberately making him believe he has left his job just so he can investigate undercover??

Seen that Kumkani is still dealing with organs, one would wonder if he has been practicing witchcraft just like Oby. Why would Kumkani want human organs from Kimono unless he has some ritual of his own?

Mpho seems to listen to everything Kumkani says and is even considering going to stay with him. The amount of control Kumkani seems to have over Mpho would really get people talking.

Kumkani told Tshidi that Oby got him involved in dealing with organs. He said Oby was controlling him and we know that Oby doesn't have power anymore, who is controlling Kumkani now? Did Kumkani lie about being controlled just to save his skin?

I honestly think Kumkani lied about about being controlled. He did everything on knowing, but then again what a better way to save his skin. Please share your thoughts, about the Kumkani's current state of mind. what do you think about Kumkani and the organs he keeps demanding from konono?? Is he practicing witchcraft or Oby is still using him??

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