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Theft robbery

Foreigner caught stealing a car.

A SAPS K9 Unit vehicle patrolling Cape Road near Greenbushes was notified to the activation of a car theft tracker on July 20, 2021, shortly after 19:15.

The police members saw a white Mazda Midge that had been stolen just a short time before in Uitenhage, and as they approached it, the driver of the Midge sped away. A 10-minute car chase occurred, which ended when the driver lost control of the vehicle and overturned around 7 kilometers into the Rietkuil dirt road.

The truck collided with a farm fence, and the driver attempted to flee by climbing through the fence while it was dark and raining lightly. The K9 member's dog was then used to apprehend the offender.

The driver, a 50-year-old man, was apprehended, and the vehicle was confiscated for forensic examination. On Thursday, July 22, 2021, the suspect will appear in the Uitenhage Magistrates' Court to face a charge of possession of a stolen motor vehicle. Further investigation will be carried out to determine the suspect's connection to the vehicle theft.

Are illegal foreigners reliable for the crime increase in South Africa?

Of course they do. First of all, they are not only undocumented, but they are ILLEGAL. Illegal implies that they have committed a crime. Therefore, 100% of the undocumented (Illegal) immigrants have committed a crime. When someone commits a crime, the result is an increase in the crime rate!

Here's an analogy

If I buy a ticket at a theater for a movie, stay and watch 5 more movies… it's stealing services.

If I enter your home, help myself to the food, sleep in your bed, invite the rest of my family to stay with me , without your invitation or permission... it's trespassing.

If I rent a motel room & pay for 1 night & stay a week? Is that not a crime?

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