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What Planet is She From? See The Pictures Of The Ugliest Woman in The World (Photos)

She was born in rural Mexico, in the state of Sinaloa, in 1844, and was doomed from birth to a life of dehumanization and denigration because of her physical appearance, which she inherited from her parents. Julia Pastrana has been dubbed "the most Ugly Woman on Earth," "the Bear Woman," the "link between mankind and the Orangutan," and "the Apic Woman," among other things. 

She grew to be just 4 feet and 5 inches tall "Pastrana's body was covered in hair, which she applied to her palms and the soles of her feet with her hands. Her nose and chin were disproportionately large, and her lips and gums were unusually thick. It is for this reason that she is known as the Ape Woman. 

Even though Pastrana was born with a rare congenital disorder known as acromegaloid hypertrichosis syndrome, she had piqued the public's interest in the 19th century and had been displayed around the world for amusement, while pseudo-Scientists of Victoria claimed she was a hybrid of half human and half ape. Despite her sweet demeanor, her singing and dancing abilities, and her ability to communicate in a variety of languages, no one has seen anything more than her hair all over her body until now. People did not notice that she had a man under her "hair." 

Pastrana worked as a maid and performer at the governor's home of a Mexican state until she was 20 years old. She managed to get in touch with M in some way. Rates was a showman from the United States who rose to fame as a freak show performer after touring the United States and Europe with his act. Among Julia Pastrana's many fans, it was enormously popular. Not only did the audience members try to be entertained, but so did the scientists and physicians who wanted to learn more about it. She was frequently referred to as a half-animal, with many referring to her as an orangutan in an unpleasant manner. 

Julia was a kind and considerate lady who enjoyed flying, cooking, and sewing in her spare time. Also, she was always able to provide encouragement to the doctors who were baffled by her look and who subjected her to medical examinations. Pastrana was a strange man who learnt three languages, including English. 

Despite the fact that she had a thick masculine bar and a hairy brow, Charles Darwin referred to her as "a remarkably good lady." The "nondescript Miss Julia Pastrana," as she was dubbed for the famed Bearded lady's show, was declared for the show. Welcome's photo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. 

Theodore Lent, the manager of Pastrana at the time, married in secret in the 1850s. Many people believed she had a strong attraction to him, that Lent married her out of concern that her most successful star might be lost as a result of Pastrana's rising popularity. When asked about her refusals of more than 20 marriage proposals, she replied in a press interview that she did so because of the candidates' low financial standing. 

However, only Lent, the man who, arguably, humiliated her more than anybody else, was married and, most importantly, presumably loved her. Julia and her son died in 1860, shortly after the birth of their first child. Julia's last words, spoken on her deathbed, were as follows: "I'm completely prepared to die. For my part, I am certain that I was adored. 

Julia and her son's bodies were sold by Lent to a professor of Russian anatomy named Sokolov, who embalmed them and displayed them in public for the rest of his life. She had been dehumanized in life and death, just as she had been when she was a child. When Lent discovered what had happened, he did everything he could to recover control of the corpses and to demonstrate to them. He exposed the bodies of his wife and son in glass cabinets all around the world until they died. 

Then he encountered Marie Bartel, a woman who was suffering from the same strange disease as Julia and who looked and spoke exactly like her. Lent was looking for money in that situation as well. After he married the Bartel, he hid the embalmed bodies and dubbed the Bartel Zenora Pastrana, which means "Zenora Pastrana." After Bartel's death, he returned to disclose the embalmed remains that had been hidden away. 

Someone stole Lent's bodies, and they were later dismembered and disposed of in Norway. The police were finally able to collect the items in 1967 and put them in storage at the University of Oslo from 1967 to 2005. Julia's body was sent back to Mexico by Mexican artist Lauren Anderson Barbata, who later buried her there. Her comments to the New York Times were as follows: "I believed it was critical for Julia Pastrana and her family to restore their reputation and place in world history, as well as in the collective memory of the globe." 

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