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Theft robbery

Police arrests convict who broke cell with hacksaw smuggled by wife. [PHOTOS]

These criminals are becoming innovative on whatever they are doing. They are coming with all ways that can assure us that the community is not safe. Who knows maybe this guy was a feeding his family through his crimes that he was doing, of which we don't know which kind of crimes he is invoved in, but when you see the police taking an action against the crime, it means it could be dangerous.

When you see the police putting someone behind bars, it means it is dangerous, but how will his wife go and help him to escape, unless she is also a criminal. Can love with be this dumb? When they say love is blind, do they mean this? It can be dangerous for the community, it may also end up being dangerous for her.

It is that which they say, you take care of a lion, tomorrow when it is a fully grown, it attacks you. So I don't see the reason why she would go and release him, knowing that the community is going to be under siege, when such criminals are going to be free. Let's hope that his crime is a pet one, and not a threat to the community, but if it is then, this world is rotten.

V/R: Abor Police arrests convict who broke cell with hacksaw smuggled by wife. [PHOTOS] 

Police in Abor of the Volta Region have arrested a convicted criminal Alpha Junior Kenedu, 31 years, who escaped from the Abor police custody with a hacksaw which police suspects was smuggled into the cell by wife of the convict, Abla. 

The cell break is reported to have happened on Sunday morning at around 3:30.  

Junior Kenedu who was convicted and sentenced to a jail term of 3yrs by circuit Court Keta on 16/8/2021 was waiting for his covid-19 text results for him to be conveyed to Central Prison Ho broke the cells and had escaped.

Preliminary Police investigations reveal the said convict used a hacksaw suspected to have been smuggled into the cells through the window by his wife by name, Abla was used to damaged the metal frames thereby aiding his escape from the cells.

The District commander organized a search party and through that the said convict was arrested in his hideout at Wute near Tadzewu. 

However, his wife Abla is at large.

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