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Woman arrested for allegedly boiling newborn baby to death

A 29 year old mother is expected to appear at the Brits Magistrate's Court on Friday for allegedly murdering her own newborn baby by boiling him and burying his lifeless body in a shallow grave.

This incident took place in Sunway at her home which is just outside Brits.

Police spokesperson, Colonel Amanda Funani said the 29 year old mother gave birth at her home two weeks ago, dipped the newborn baby in boiling water then wrapped his body with a plastic and buried him at a nearby field in a shallow grave.

The Police were alerted by a friend to this woman after she confessed her actions seeking to confide in her friend. The friend reported this on Wednesday evening.

The Police went to the said area and started digging for the remains of the newborn baby which they found buried in a shallow grave. The Police appreciated the friend for reporting this gruesome act and urged the public to continue cooperating with the police to combat these crimes so that the perpetrators can be thrown in prison and Locked away from the society.

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Sources : EWN , , News24

Woman due to appear in court for allegedly boiling her newborn baby to death , more details :

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