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Meet The Village Where Poverty Made Children And Adults Sell Their Kidney Cheaply (Photos)

All human beings were made by God, but each was created in a unique way, with a unique set of attitudes, a unique set of backgrounds, and a unique way of existence. A small number of people are enjoying life to the point where they no longer want to die, while others are suffering and wishing they had never been born into this planet in the first place. It doesn't matter what challenges we are confronted with in life; we must recognize that there are some things that we should not be too desperate to do since doing so may have a bad affect on us in the long term. 

We have many organs in the human body that are responsible for keeping it functioning properly; if we do not have them, we will not be able to survive or we may even become ill and end up in the hospital. For example, the kidney is a member of the human body's organ system that is critical to the proper functioning of the body's systems, including the cardiovascular system. Human beings are gifted with two kidneys, and one of the most important jobs of the kidney is to remove waste from the body through the urine produced by the kidney. 

The research we have today is about a country known as Nepal, which is located in Asia and is most known for having the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest. Despite the fact that they are known as "kidney village" because they sell their kidneys to those in need, there is one special community in Nepal known as Hoske. It appears to be unusual to you, doesn't it? However, it is a harsh fact that we have learned as a result of our extensive investigation. 

How they ended themselves in this situation and why they are selling one of their kidneys are as follows: 

Because of poverty, both children and adults in Nepal are forced to sell one of their kidneys to prospective purchasers. Unfortunately, their low standard of living has attracted the attention of those from wealthier countries who have tricked them into selling one of their kidneys. Rather than that, according to accounts, the buyers constantly told them that the kidney will regenerate within a couple of years of purchasing it. The persons who purchase the kidney from them are referred to as "kidney traffickers," and they are compensated financially in exchange for the kidney. 

When you look at the photographs, you will notice a line in their tummies, which indicates the location of the kidney harvesting procedure performed by the surgeon. According to reports, the kidney traffickers are purchasing the kidneys from the villages at an exceedingly low price, thereby defrauding them in the course of the transaction. These villages must be educated, and they must be made aware of the dangers of losing a kidney before they can take action. 

Is it appropriate for them to sell their kidneys as a result of their financial situation? We value your thoughts and considerations.

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