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PHOTOS of a girl being forced in to a Nissan Navara by two guys, few hours ago

10 August 2022


The community has been warned of a Nissan Navara after it was seen kidnapping a girl. On the pictures the lady was looking like he was drugs. She didn't have power to move and the guy was not having enough power to draf her. They ended up picking her up both of them at the same time.

The pictures are very disturbing but it will be easy for the police to find these two man. This shows that this world is no longer safe at all. People are be kidnapped day by day by people who actually care about money. They treat other people like animal's.

But lucky the accident was taken pictures and this will actually help the police to look for this girl. It's actually hard to keep children save these days because they can't fight for themselves. People find it hard to understand why other people kidnap children who actually done nothing wrong.

Parents need to limit allowing their kids to walk alone on the streets. Parents must try to walk with their kids or to the shop. It actually very painful that the kids can not just pĺay on the streets freely now. They can not even go to the shops all alone.

The police need to make sure that they arrest these people and not give them any bail. Kids are not safe on South Africa and the president is actually trying to protect the kids byt its not something that he can so all alone.

Parents are the ones who must be responsible and protect their kids. A parents must just be always around their kids so that they don't kidnapped. Do not just trust or jusr talk to anyone on the street. Don't allow to be stopped by a car that you don't know.

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