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EFF Members Become Laughing Stock After They Were Spotted On A Gravel Road Fixing Potholes

There EFF members have definitely done something that is very shocking to many members of the public, because they do not even understand why they are in a situation where they are doing this.

This is definitely something that doesn't make sense to a lot of people if you look at them you'll find out that they are in a situation where they are filling gravel with asphalt and they're saying that they're fixing potholes, this is something that has shocked many people because they did not want to really see what they were hearing from the media.

It seems like that's exactly what was happening because the members of the party are in a situation where they're saying that they're doing a great job, and ensuring that they deal with problems that the public encounters in their society.

They say that they are making a difference but we do not even see this difference that they are talking about, if you look at what they did to that area you will notice that this is something that is really not satisfying.

They went on to a messed up road that clearly needs to be repaved by the right people before we can even talk about potholes, and this road is going onto a gravel road then the members went to the a part of the road and started filling in the holes with some asphalt.

So you can imagine how insane the situation looked because they were doing something that they were not even supposed to be doing, they were actually supposed to be bringing huge trucks if they wanted to repair the road but it seems like they were set on fixing potholes.

But the way that they were going about it is definitely not the right way to go about it, as it created a very tough situation where the members are very concerned about the effectiveness of their actions.

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