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Theft robbery

South Africans are fuming and blaming Ramaposa and ANC for this, see here

Crime in South Africa have gotten out of control and it's going to need more than hashtags, movements rather for it to be controlled.

Not long time ago, there was a picture of police officers who were handcuffed and that shows that, even the people who are supposed to be catching criminals are also criminals and that makes it easier for criminals to commit crimes because they can bribe the officer's which also commit crime.

A picture of armed robbers who shot a security guard in Johannesburg for his phone have left many angry and putting the blame on ANC.

"Every citizen must own a gun now to defend themselves", one wrote.

" Why robbery,too much badness in South Africa. I think the police must change their approach on dealing with the crime, courts must play their part, communities must play their part also, these criminals are not living in the holes, they live amongst us, too much crime", another commented

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