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Dr Aaron says home affairs system needs overhauling, see what SA says

On Immigration: Dr. Aaron Motshwaledi reported that Home Affairs System needs overhauling. I agree. People who come wearing Suits, carrying money in suitcases, I am tackling them. We are arresting everyone. Lizards & crocodiles. We will have researchers & investigators. He is not an economist. The dangers of politicians running the country leads to failures. This gentleman had tight laws & it ended up affecting the tourist industry and have to change. The laws are aimed at Africans or aimed to Europeans, if they are aimed to both, they will influence investors, Point of order. You are fundamentally wrong. Firstly tourist want to visit a safety country just imagine in so many killings that are happening in South Africa so do you think to tighten country laws would influence tourist industry? Investors require a safety country too, It did impact last year or 2 years ago. Talking from facts. Another thing, having many requirements for investors just turns them off, ask yoself. Why ZIM is a failed state. It got those tight migration laws.

Investors want to be easy to come into a country & feel at home, What requirements are you talking about my ssta? Zimbabweans failed because they chased away their own in investors. Do you know words from Mugabe when he told Tony Blair.

Could you please tell me what was that statement meant to you, yes? This show how weak, blacks are. Without a white person, you can stand on your own. Mugabe wanted to empower blacks, but he got punished. Our blacks here will remain slaves for whites, that is why is important to have a united Africa for African solution. The wealth is white.

Home affairs should not by any chance employ foreigners in their offices. If they have make that mistake they should dismiss them immediately as they are not supposed to be employed in those offices,, there is no scarce skills required in that home affairs.


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