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Theft robbery

Menlyn robbery: Suspects used ramps to drive over the spikes to prevent damages to tyres

They were arrested a few metres down the road.Wait. They left evidence with their finger prints all over them plus they were caught in clear view of security cameras.

Police have access to the database of home affairs and the enatis thumb print database. If you don't believe me. Commit a crime if you have an ID and don't wear gloves. Before we start 2021 you will be identified.

Police can't trace you using finger prints if you have never been convicted of a crime before.They don't have access to home affairs data base Government is busy working on that to integrate the system .so police can be able to access home affairs finger prints data base.

The job of the security is to observe, gather as much information as possible, don’t risk your life when the situation is deadly.

These ones came late... The shots fired were too close to us yho... Pity they shot one of workers inside but atleast he's alive

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