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It Ended In Tears For Johannesburg Gang As This Happened To Them Today

The Johannesburg metro police department officers arrested eight Suspects earlier today in gauteng for stealing cables. The officers have been working hand-in-hand with community members who were reporting an anonymous activity that is happening in the area which has helped in apprehending the eight Suspects who were caught stealing cables. It is very important for community members to help police and apprehending criminals activities also helping them to be safe due to the fact that criminals will be arrested and there will be less crime in the community.

Some people are complaining and saying the real criminals in this country is the corrupt government because they are busy dropping the ball on everyone while taking good care of themselves. Payactiv flooring ordinary members of the public in many ways but they are not being held accountable for what they have been doing ever since they took over. Is the government really wanted all this to come to an end then they would just ensure that everyone gets educated and also create jobs that are descent and well paying so that people can be able to provide for their families.

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