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Pakistan National Linked To Kidnappings Has Been Shot & Killed

A Pakistani national linked to kidnappings has been shot dead in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. He was arrested for his kidnappings then later got released on bail, so after his release a man walked up to him and shot him right in the head. It is possible that the man who assassinated him could have been related to one of the victims, some people do not feel satisfied by the fact that criminals get out arrested and later released on bail.

When criminals die it’s not a loss to community members as they will be feeling much more better and safer, it feels much more better to live without having to worry about someone who will be kidnapping your loved one the following morning or even worse killing them. That’s the main reason why the government should just introduce death penalty so that people will not have to worry or have to kill criminals by themselves, because at the end of the day those people end up being arrested and yet they’re not there bad guys.

Plenty of murderers are set free and kill people countless times, the best way is to execute them when proved to be a murderer. It is quite clear that to the law working justly, when they set murderers free. But how do we know that they killed the right person, when there hasn't been a court case first. How do we know that the killer who shot the guy, didn't shoot anyone and is himself involved with someone who actually did the kidnapping.

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