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Road Accident

Horrific Head-On Crash Claims 15 Lives In Pretoria

When people leave their homes in the morning going to different destinations, they tell their loved ones that they will see them later after work hoping that they will have a good day and return home safe, little do they know that death is literally waiting for them on the road and that they were saying their goodbyes to their families for the very last time, sadly it was and they never get a chance to bid their loved ones farewell since when death strikes, it gives no chance for that, especially when it comes through a horrific accident like the one that was reported in Pretoria on Friday morning.

Reports emerging suggests that at least people were killed on the M17 road near Garankuwa in Tshwane Gauteng province on Friday morning, the accident reportedly left 23 more people injured with three of those in a critical condition.

"5 killed in horror crash near Bundu Inn in Pretoria. 23 others were injured, with three in a critical condition. There's a -Horrific bus accident in Pretoria M17 road Bundu Inn Entrance," reports suggests.

On the images supplied, the wreckages clearly shows that the accident is indeed a bad one, the truck collided head on with the bus and the impact was very bad as per images, emergency services officers were seen all over the place trying to get people who were trapped out of the wreckage

It is not yet revealed what really happened leading to the accident, but most commonly, when an accident happens, it is either a human error or one of the drivers disregarded the rules of the road and the rest is history. People should always abide by all rules of the road to make sure that all road users are safe, disregarding one simple rule can lead to a deadly crush that could cost people their lives.


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Bundu Inn Pretoria


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