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Two Foreigners Arrested For Attacking A Citizen In Giyani Limpopo

As we are speaking two foreign Nationals have been arrested for committing a serious crime, and a property that was worth in the region of 1.5 million rands has been destroyed along with two vehicles.

It is alleged that the homeowner was behind the killing of their brother.

The only positive spin about the incident was that nobody lost his life when they burned down everything, majority of our people think that now we are being attacked in our own country.

The two businessmen have been arrested as we are speaking, we are speaking a family is homeless and no longer has a place called home imagine working hard to get your things together in life and losing them just like that.

It's going to take millions to fix the mess, government needs to get involved before it's too late a war might start.

It seems like the foreign nationals reacted in anger, of losing a loved one it was revenge time. It's not safe to live in South Africa at present there are a lot of animosities, as a result, innocent people are dying.

Our law enforcement needs to do something about this, no one has a right to kill, and also in life, you must not take matters into your own hands. If you have evidence that somebody has committed a murder case take the matter to the police.

Taking matters into your own hands based on suspicions is wrong, a lot of innocent people are dead as we speak because they have been accused let the law run its course. May his soul rest in peace what happened to him was not right but as for the two businessmen they going to jail for a very long time, for what they have done two wrongs will never make it right.


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