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Home Affairs Top Officials Suspended For Helping The Bushiris Get IDs

Home Affairs officials have been suspended pending a case into how Shepherd Bushiri obtained his permanent resident documents considering his extensive criminal past, the officials are also investigated for aiding the Bushiris when they were in trial.

One night after the Bushiris were released on bail they didn't even spend a week in the country before they disappeared in the middle of the night, the incident has since shocked the country because they were hoping to finally get justice.

They proceeded to disappear out of the country and this is some serious thing that has caused a stir on social media, because people were demanding to get Justice.

Five Home Affairs department officials have been suspended for their role in fraudulently getting Shepherd Bushiri a South African permanent residence permit, it has become even more clear now that the officials have been in the pockets of Shepherd Bushiri.

It is alleged that they aided him in order to get him out of prison and to get him out of confessing to some of his activities, how he bought off some officials.

So they were also happy because their jobs were on the line , a plan was devised to get the Bushiris out of the country but these are only speculation which couldn't be further from the truth.

The officials have been charged internally and will face disciplinary action, Bushiri and his wife skipped bail and fleed to Malawi.

Shepard Bushiri is facing fraud, theft and money laundering charges. Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi, says that the investigation on how Bushiri escaped the country is not part of this investigation.

That was the last we saw Bushiri and his family around the country, he had prose’s many people and families that they would come to riches if they invested their money with him and most have not seen the returns on their investments.

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