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Free Fuel In Kroonstad After Truck Overturned

It is without any doubt that being a car owner in South Africa is a nightmare based on the fuel price that keeps going high almost ever second week, whenever there is an announcement from. The Department of energy, people already know that it is not going to be good news for those who owns vehicles, be it business owners or private car owners, things are not looking good with another fuel hike the country is facing, but people of Kroonstad had their prayers answered for a moment when a truck transporting fuel reportedly overturned and the people did what they always do if such things happens in their area.

Reports emerging suggests that the residents of Kroonstad in the Free State Province had a great morning after a truck overturned in their area the good thing about it is that the truck was transporting fuel and they were upon it within minutes, they came with buckets and whatever they could use to carry the fuel home just as peopl in this country always do when a truck Loses its load in their area.

"Fuel truck overturned at Road R76 in Kroonstad, Free State province. As always People in the area were helping themselves with fuel in buckets and jags," reports suggests.

It couldn't have happened at a better time than on this day, the price of fuel is expected to hike on Wednesday and on the eve, people got free fuel, but if you were to research, you might find that a majority of those who were looting the fuel has no cars, but they will surely sell it to the car owners who will be happy to fill their tanks with a few rands less than what people will be paying starting from tomorrow, it is not clear what really happened to the truck and how many litres were looted.


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