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Mother Whose Teenager Died At Enyobeni Tarven Speaks Out After Being Attacked For Bad Parenting

Many people, especially the residents of East London, are still trying to wrap their heads around the incident that took place at Enyobeni Scenery Park Tarven, where it has officially been reported that 21 teenagers who were at the Tarven last Sunday lost their lives, and it could have been due to a toxic gas that they inhaled and were unable to breathe after it was especially extremely packed. When they wanted to leave the place, while others wanted to enter, a suspicious gas was sprayed in the air. Investigations are still on-going.

After the news came out, many people were shocked by the fact that teenagers were out late at night attending a place that should only have been reserved for adults in a given alcohol, which is totally against the South African law because many of them were not 18 years old yet. It has been reported that some of the young people who were there were not even teenagers yet; they were as young as 12; the youngest teenagers were 13; and they indulged in free alcohol that they were given at the place. Because of this, many people called for the Tarven owner to be arrested for being irresponsible and breaking the law by selling underage teenagers alcohol.

And in that same light, people also questioned many of the parents whose kids were present at the place, and called them out for being reckless and bad parents. Because how could they allow their children to be out drinking late at night and in the early mornings? Did they not care about their children's safety? That is one thing that many people have wondered about.

A parent whose teenager died at the Enyobeni Scenery Park Tarven spoke out after she and many of the parents who lost their kids spoke out about people calling them bad parents. Noluthando Nkani shared that she never sent her 18-year old daughter to a Tarven, and it is hurtful that people are calling them names as parents. Noluthando shared that in most cases, they parent their kids correctly, but their kids are the ones who decide to do as they please.

Heartbroken parent Noluthando shared that as a single mother she did her best to raise her children, and her daughter who passed away was the one for whom she had many dreams and hopes. Noluthando further stated that her daughter Inathi left their village on Saturday night and did not say where she was going with a friend. Then, in the early morning, her friend came knocking at the door to share the said news that her daughter was no more. Inathi left behind a 20-month old baby.


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