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Road Accident

A Video Of A Man Jumping From The Top Of A Bridge

A video of a man jumping from a bridge is circulating on the socials. The reason behind the man committing suicide is not yet known. Taking videos when tragedies like these happen can be considered insensitive but in this instance it might be a relief. As the man made the jump from the top of the bridge a small car was approaching at a high speed. The video is proof that the driver is not at fault, it is but too sad that he/she now have to pay for costs because someone else took a selfish decision to end his life in a busy road not paying attention to how others will get affected by his actions.

The number of suicides committed on bridges has risen since the country was on lockdown. Many people lost their jobs and were left with so much stress and unpaid bills, some the funeral costs of the deceased, the trauma that eye witnesses have to go through and the costs of undergoing sessions with professionals to help them heal. In this case the poor driver is might lose his car if he/she cannot afford a professional mechanic to fix the car.

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