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Weather Warning for South Africa, See if your area will be affected.

A warning has been issued for severe weather today, this warning covers many areas and deals with dangerous situations so please pay close attention for any information about your area. After which I will tell you how you can prepare for this situation.

Warnings of wind gusts, storms and hail have been issued for various different parts of South Africa today's. Strong wind gusts and hail can potentially cause damage to property, knock down trees and overturn large vehicles like trucks. While storms can cause major delays, flood areas and homes and put people's lives in danger. Here is the list of areas that are believe to be affected

These warnings have been given to the following areas.

Northern Cape

Gauteng Province

Kwazulu Natal

Free State

Eastern Cape.

These areas will be affected by the bad Weather, however the extent they will be affected is unpredictable so please prepare accordingly. Here are some instructions.

How you should prepare :

Keep an eye on the weather in your area, if ot starts to get bad than please start putting these precautions into place. Get everyone inside the house and have dinner already prepared as bad weather can affect your electricity connection. If you are on the roads than get home as soon as possible, as rain can cause the roads to become more dangerous.

Have candles ready in case of a black out and make sure to cover any leaks or open spaces in your home. We do not want the elements to get inside. We do not know how long the bad weather will last so please be prepared for at least a couple of days. It's better to be safe than sorry. What are your tips for preparing, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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