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5 World Most Dangerous Prisons, Number 2 Location Is Unbelievable

Most people consider prisons to be one of the worst places on the planet. Some jails, however, have earned a fearsome reputation, leading many to believe that all prisons are akin to a living hell.

These five facilities are currently the most hazardous jails in the world.

5. Poolsmor prison in Cape Town, South Africa

According to official rankings, this facility ranks fifth most hazardous in the world and as the most dangerous jail in South Africa. That area is particularly dangerous because it is home to the 26s, 27s, and 28s numbers gangs.

Entering Poolsmor is akin to writing your own death sentence. Prison gangs pose a serious threat to inmates who are not members of those groups, including the potential for sexual assault and even death.

4. The Gitarama Prison

Over four thousand inmates are currently housed in a facility designed to contain less than 400 inmates awaiting trial, making it the world's most overcrowded prison.

Prisoners are packed in like sardines into a tiny cell, and most of them spend their days and nights on their feet due to a lack of seating. In extreme cases, people there may need to have their feet amputated.

3. The Black Beach Penitentiary in Russia

The only things that many specialists are willing to state about this prison are that gang violence is increasing and that "what goes in, never gets out unless it's dead."

2. Sun City Prison, South Africa

This is the most notorious and secure prison in all of South Africa. This area has a reputation as a haven for criminals.

1. The Russian Prison on Petak Island

Most inmates at the world's most dangerous prison describe the place as "hell on earth" due to the terrible conditions.

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