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HEARTBREAKING| Leaked Whatsapp Texts Between The Late Namhla And Her Alleged Abuser


On the 21st of April 2022, Singa Namhla Mtwa was shot 9 times by an unknown man just after she parked a rented car in the driveway of her home while her aunt watched helplessly. Sadly, she died at the scene.

According to her sister Sanga Nozintaba, the matter was reported to the authorities but the culprit has not been found as yet. To make matters worse, her boyfriend, an alleged abuser, allegedly threatened to kill her when she wanted out of the relationship.

It has been alleged that Namhla's boyfriend, a married businessman from Mthatha, has been abusing her for years. A Whatsapp conversation between Namhla and her boyfriend has been shared on social media, proving that she endured abuse for many years at the hands of a man who claimed to love her.

During a conversation after one of the traumatic incidents whereby Namhla was allegedly beaten for 8 hours in her flat, bleeding and fighting for her life, her boyfriend penned down a long message, blaming her for what had happened.

In his so-called apology, the alleged abuser blamed Namhla for making him angry, citing that he disciplined his wife only once and she never repeated the same mistake. He added that he could not understand why Namhla continues to misbehave no matter how many times he has whipped her.

This has angered the masses who are calling for the authorities to act. Some are shocked that the alleged abuser is also linked to a murder and attempted murder case, where he was in court four years ago for killing one employee and injuring another and granted R50 000 bail.

Women have marched, calling for justice every time another woman is killed. It has not helped. The courts have jailed perpetrators to make an example of them, but women are still getting killed.

Communities should build homes for victims of abuse where they can hide after leaving an abusive relationship. Come to think of it, women continue to stay in abusive relationships to save their lives because they know that the chances of getting killed are higher when they leave their abusive partner.

South Africa must stand up and protect victims of abuse.

Content created and supplied by: Sasatjie (via Opera News )

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