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Her brother was buried in a glass coffin and this caused a stir on social media

A coffin is a type of funeral casket that may be opened so that the deceased's body can be seen before to burial or cremation. 

Coffins, often called caskets, can be any type of container used to hold a body during burial. Although the term "casket" was originally used to describe a box used to store valuables, the undertaker's trade popularized its current meaning.

In common usage, a "coffin" refers to a tapered hexagonal or octagonal box (also called an anthropoid in shape), whereas a "casket" refers to a rectangular box, often with a split lid used for viewing the corpse, as depicted in the photo. Cremains (human remains that have been cremated) are stored in urns. 

Although most people would find it morbid to view a corpse in a glass casket, some people like to do so as a final act of respect for their deceased loved one, as demonstrated by this woman.


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