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RIP: She allegedly died just few hours before her wedding day

It is very much unfortunate that Africans, we undermine our competitors. We undermine those that give us certain threats. We just take them as empty and they are not going to do anything about it. In the instance were you maybe fighting for a man, or you've taken somebody's man or somebody is jealous of you getting married before him or her, such things need serious intervention from the Lord.

That is why it is very much important to engage in the fasting and prayer, when you are going into such a Covenant of marriage. Marriage is an institute of God, it is started in the garden of Eden. The devil called never liked this union from the beginning. The devil hates marriage.

You have to pray, the moment you take that decision, it is a spiritual war zone, so one needs to be prayerful through it all. Pray for God's grace, without God's grace you will never enjoy your marriage, or you never see it. If you want to get married, if you are planning for it, know that is not just a physical step but spiritual as well. Which means they are battles you fight both on the ground and in the spiritual realm.

Nigerian lady, Hannatu Yahaya, has died on her wedding day. The holy solemnization of Hannatu to her husband Isyaka Yusuf, held in Kawon Maigari, Kano, on Saturday, November 27.

According to family members, the 30-year-old bride began to act in a berserk manner when she was about to be taken to her husband’s house. She started destroying properties as confused family members started praying for her. Hannatu was rushed to the hospital where she was confirmed dead by medical practitioners.

A family member recounted that two weeks ago, Hannatu who battled an ulcer, fell ill and was taken to the hospital. There, she was placed on admission for a week and then discharged. On Thursday, November 25, she fell ill again and was treated. However, things took a drastic turn on Saturday while she was about to be taken to her husband’s house.

Her body was buried on Sunday morning, following Islamic rites.

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