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Road Accident

Middleburg down town on Fire

TThis one is one most hurtful news. I was on my way home then i thought of passing by to buy some few when i got there, i saw a big smoke coming from one of the shop.

People were screaming and running. Saying "Kuyasha" then by then that is when i realised that something is burning. I rushed to the scene to take pictures and videos.

In Middleburg next to home affairs building when i got closer there was a big fire on one of the buildings. And the fire fighter team came late. For we do not know what caused the fire.

About four to six shops were burnt to ash in Middleburg today. Furniture shop, liquor shop and almost the home affairs got burnt. Police are there still trying to control the situation.

It shows that the fire was out of control. And there is a child who died in the accident. He/she was in a car the building fell on the car and fire started engaging.


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Fire Middleburg


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