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RIP| He shot himself dead in front of his family because of this


When it comes to life's ups and downs, families are vastly different from one another. Even the most well-adjusted families have their ups and downs. 

There will be times when family members fight, argue, or agree to disagree on something, and that's okay since that's simply how life works. 

Every person is unique in every manner, including how they see the world around them. 


As there are so many people who want their ideas and opinions to be taken into consideration, family meetings are often a source of conflict and confusion. 

When 30-year-old Bongani 'Thisha' Ndlovu took his own life in front of his family in Mpendle, sorrow struck. 

In front of his own family members, he apparently took his own life during a family gathering at his home, a source claims. Bongani was allegedly told by family members that he was too young to have an opinion on important family issues. 

He shot himself in the face in front of his family because of this. 


We've always understood that the elderly members of the family are the ones who make the tough decisions, and young people aren't allowed to have an opinion of any type. 

He will be greatly missed.


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Bongani RIP|


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