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Watch : Taxi Drivers Run For Their Lives As Shots Are Fired In Taxi War

Ordinary members of the public are shocked after seeing images of what seems to be a war that is going on between the taxi drivers in the Eastern Cape, the video shows one of the other factions of the taxes shooting at the other taxi drivers who seem to have been parked by the area looking for the way to really make money because that’s where they catch people and it seems like they were attacked right in their territory.

What is even more strange is the fact that the individuals were seen running away while they were being fired on by the other people, so members of the public are just wondering why these other taxi operators didn’t have pistols of their own so that they can also fight back but we know that whenever these fights happen a lot of blood is shed.

Right now a lot of individuals around the country are fighting for territory because the piece of the pie is truly small and unfortunately we all have to eat from a very small piece of the pie, which makes life a little bit difficult, because everyone wants a piece but now no one can have it.

Members of the public have been concerned about the violence that is taking place in the country they want it to to stop, this violence has endangered the lives of ordinary members of the public and has left families broken.

The police are always encouraging ordinary members of the public who might have information that could lead to the arrest of criminals who are perpetrating all the robberies in the country, to come forward with that information so that the suspect can be brought to Justice.

This festive season brings along with it a lot of crime because everyone is trying to have something for the holidays, and criminals are also people who need to provide for their families so they do whatever it takes in order to also have their piece of the pie.

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