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SAD: A Sh0cking picture of Owl that destroy people cars was spotted in Gauteng, witchcraft is real

Mzansi is regarded as the epicenter of witchcraft. This is because you are envious of other people's success, which is not a good thing. Some people are witched after completing a test in school, and it usually happens at work when someone is jealous of your promotion. They enchanted you once they became envious of you. I know a lot of people who went to school and university, but they've recently become mentally disturbed, not because they did something bad, but because someone was jealous of them and ended up bewitching them. People must realize that no one is competing with them and that they must do their own business without getting jealous of others, which might lead to seducing them.

Here's a story about a car-owning Johannesburg man. It just so happens that he was possessed by someone he didn't know. They were clearly envious of him, and they ended up sending their owl to come and demolish their car. It's an owl, as you can tell from the photos. This is incredibly heartbreaking. You must pray for truth since the world is filled with people who do not love us.


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Johannesburg Mzansi Owl


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