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Lady drops her food instead of comforting her, black twitter trolls her. Checkout their comments.

Sometimes bad things happen to us and they leave us depressed. We start asking ourselves many questions. Unfortunately we are now living in an era of sharing everything on social media and living life for other people. Everything we do, we want to share on social media even unnecessary ones. 

Twitter is full of people who are very observant and opinionated. They questions something especially if they find it amidst. It doesn't need someone who is faint hearted. In all this they most make fun of each other. They can take a heartbreaking story and comfort people. You just can never be sure. 

A twitter user became a victim of them as always. She shared a picture of her food from KFC on the ground. She revealed that it fell when she getting of the taxi. Instead of comforting her and giving her advise. They blamed her for taking the time to pick the food, to take a picture. She admitted to have picked it but it was no longer nice and was full of soil. It is funny but must've been painful especially after losing money. We hope one day she will pick the food up.

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