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Latest News| Jubjub apologises to Amanda Du Pont

Jubjub apologises to Amanda Du Pont


Sources: Jubjub Twitter page

After humiliating Amanda Du Pont on MacG's podcast, Jubjub has taken his time to issue up an apology to Amanda Du Pont. Jubjub has said inappropriate things about Amanda Du Pont which has hurt her and embarrassed her to the public. Jubjub has once dated Amanda Du Pont and it looks like their relationship did not end well. The public has been waiting to hear from Jubjub and today he finally shows how sorry he is for humiliating Amanda Du Pont. Jubjub is trying to make amends.

Jubjub also added by saying that he also apologized to the public for using inappropriate language on the national television. Because many young people who were watching the podcast did not feel comfortable about the language that he was using. Why did he take too much time to release an apology? After so many damages that have been done. Jubjub has been in the public eye for a long time now, and people were starting to like him and giving him many opportunities in the entertainment industry. I think Jubjub's statement might fix all the mistakes that he has done in order to clear his name.

Jubjub lastly added by saying that all the accusations against him will have to be taken care of by his lawyers, as he is still going ahead on taking legal actions against Amanda Du Pont and others which includes a woman who has called herself a cousin of Jubjub and Masechaba Khumalo. Jubjub can now see how much damage these women have done to his career and his reputation. At this point he is trying by all means necessary to clear his name and move on. Jubjub still believes that his life will be drama free.

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