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Bad news for South Africans - No more free housing.

Many South Africans have been waiting for free houses since the ANC took over. Some people did get some RDP but others couldn't, they are still on the waiting list. In the past many people who didn't deserve RDP did manage to get one through corruption and many youngsters also did get houses. Ramaphosa who seem to be reformist and take instructions from DA, seem like he wants to give ANC a facelift. He have been taking some of the DA policies like public wage bills, government must not be employer and privatise things.

Bongani Bingwa




No more free housing but build your own! The ANC reportedly mulling over a change in its 3 decade policy of providing free homes to the poor. Rather people might get tax breaks or subsidies but build with their own money. Is it time? #702Breakfast


This should have been the policy of the ANC government years ago. It is unsustainable to be a welfare state. People will find other ways to fund or build themselves their own houses. Imagine waiting for 20 or more odd years on the free RDP house waiting list without doing fokol, jus waiting for a freebie. I hope the ANC's idea sees the light of day. SA can't be welfare state.

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