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She left people in fear after telling them what she fears you will be sh0cked at what people fear

Fear is a dangerous thing and it can prevent you from doing the things you want or love because you will be having the fear of not getting it done or for it turning out the way you want it, but then again fear comes in many ways. They are future challenges like fearing to challenge life in general.

And there's the fear of things like animals, pets, and so on. Lerato from Twitter shared her fear that got people talking when she told them her fear.

Things people think sometimes can create fear for you as well as an individual, as Lerato's fear also got into people. Knowing people and how they like to take their phones when going to the toilet they were left In fear because another lady also commented that as am reading this post am in the toilet.

Lerato wrote: What’s your biggest fear? 

Mine is a snake popping out the toilet while I’m busy doing a number two 😞 .. I’d literally die.

Somethings no matter how hard we can try to ignore the same things they do come into our minds, especially when you are in a quiet place like the bathroom. For some reason, a bathroom has those things about it, that makes you think about all your problems.

And I guess it's because it's a quiet place and there is no one is there with you. Have you ever been in the bathroom bathing and decided to look through the window and notice that something or someone passed, and started thinking to Yourself did someone just pass?

And if no one knocks you started assuming that there's probably a ghost and this normally happens when you watch too many up normal movies late at night.

Here are people's comments as they shared what's their fear:

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