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27 Undocumented Foreigners Arrested In Operation O Kae Molao


Operation O Kae Molao was conducted following the murder of 4 people that took place around Eldorado Park recently, the police confirmed that 27 foreign nationals who are undocumented have been arrested, 2 stolen vehicles and 7 stolen engines have been recovered By the police to be used in investigations that are going to lead to the successful arrest of suspects who were involved in crimes.

The Devland Dumping site has been identified as hot spot where lot of criminal activities are taking place which is why the area became a target for police operation, The law enforcers are trying very hard to bring about some kind of justice in our society because it is clear that things have gone out of control.

The police said that they decided long before those four (4) people were killed that they would raise the promises, it is just that this incident has really pushed their hands.

The team was able to gather lot of information that will assist in the future operation in the area, The community members have always complained about the criminal activities that are being perpetrated in the area and somehow affecting the members of the public.

But here they have gathered lot of information, It is very fortunate that we still have members of the public or out more than willing to assist the police pepper trade their duties and arrest suspects were involved in crimes. We found lot of people, we were talking to them, they gave police a lot of information which is going to assist them do a fine job.

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Devland Dumping Operation O Kae Molao


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