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Revealed: Man Who Killed A 2 Month Old Baby For This

The man whose age has not been disclosed is said to have been arrested in Palm Ridge, Germiston. It is said that he stabbed a two-month-old baby boy to death in their home. 

It has also been reported that the man was high on drugs and complained that the baby was making noise. It is said that he wrestled the grandmother who was with the baby, stabbed on the hand, and then moved on to stab the baby.

This has left so many people in shock, and most people reminding each other why we actually need death penalty in South Africa. He killed an innocent soul, who couldn't even defend himself in the situation.

The family is probably going through a lot at the moment, this is the kind of situation that most people would not even imagine in their wildest dreams.

The man faces a charge of murder and attempted murder. May the two month old find justice even in his death.

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