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A child smoking Hubbly needs police to rescue her said people on social media

Mzansi is still looking for help to help this young girl who was seen on a video smoking hubbly. This video has been circulating on social media where a parent went with this baby on a party. This child was seen smoking hubbly like an old person. The child proved that it was not her first time smoking this thing. People got scared and said police need to gind this child and help her. Her mother need to arrested for making a child under age of 18 to smoke. This will affect her self and the way she thinks so the police need to take actions against this woman.

People have been sharing this picture on Facebook looking the family of this child. These things need to be fixed before this child grow older with this mindset. It is truly painful seeing a 7 year old child behaving like an adult. People were showing to much care and paid for this child. Lot of people wish they can just take her and give her a better life than the one she is leaving. People who are allowing her to smoke deserve to arrested becouse she is under 18 years old.

People were truly embarrassed about this picture. They are actually scared that there are parents who let they kids smoke at the young age. People blame the person who was busy taking the video than stopping the kids from smoking. Social workers need to find this child and help her before she becomes addicted. People showed lot of sad emotions on the comments. Even though there were people who were saying this child is enjoying so they must let her be. People believe that the child is happy with what she is doing. No child is allowed to be smoking hubbly at such an age.

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