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“See The Evil Things People Do With The Money You Give to Them” - Man Makes a Horrible Revelation

As we all know, the most popular festive period which is December is fast approaching yet many bad things still happen to make people not enjoy the festive season.

Now People have come out to advise about giving your money out to strangers or other people as it can be used against you without your knowledge.

A user has revealed that the money we give people can be used against us and we should be careful of who we give.

According to the user, he said:

Stop giving people your money rather buy them what ever they want. I found this R20 tied on a tree and this is what people do when you give them your money. They do this to block your ways of getting money, you won't be able to save and might lose everything you had. The power of money guys is dangerous and stop giving it to people coming straight from your pocket.“

Looking at the image above, it shows R20 rands being tied together with the evil tree. This is to show that no amount is too small to use against anyone. It's very sad that people give money with pure heart and not knowing that could lead them to trouble. 

Others then lose their jobs for no reason and starts to wonder what’s going on not knowing that because you gave someone your money, they used it to block your progress in life.


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