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Mzansi in shock after seeing a white Sangoma, See what they spotted that raises unanswered questions

A white sangoma is an exceptionally rare find. In the communities, traditional healers are almost exclusively black men and women who live and work there. In the wild, white sangomas are nearly impossible to find or identify. Most people believe that only black people believe in ancestors and spiritual events that allow them to communicate with their ancestors, and this is largely true. A connection has always existed between African-Americans and ancestry, especially among those from rural, disadvantaged communities.

However, nowadays, sangomas who help individuals in need may be found even in major cities. The general population appears to believe that traditional acts are performed only by black people. Because white sangomas are hard to come by, it's a well-known fact that white individuals don't indulge in this sort of conduct.

Many people flocked to Twitter to express their love for a white man dressed in traditional sangoma garb after a photo of him appeared online. Seen in the background of the photo is him practicing his sangoma techniques in a Sango hut.

However, because he is a white man, many do not consider him to be a true sangoma. According to some, he is not a genuine sangoma, but rather someone who happened to be photographing himself in the sangoma house by chance. This is because of the hut in the background and the bottles of Jacob's in his back. Some have hypothesized that authentic sangomas would not use muti on pricey bottles because they would be wasting their money. The idea that he is portraying or acting in the part of someone who is not a real sangom is also being floated around.

No one knows whether or not he is a genuine Sangoma; those are merely people's speculations. People are only stating their views, as proven by the rarity of encountering a white Sangoma in the wild.

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