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Criminals caught on camera looting from a truck on a national road (Video)


South Africa has become a hub of criminals people are now doing as they please in public. The police on the other hand have lost hope in trying to fix what has been started already. A video left people in shock today after a shared video of two young man who were spotted looting a truck on a traffic jam.

The video taken by motorist who drove behind the truck, shows exactly how the crime is done. The two waited for the truck to stop and minutes later went to the back of the truck. They opened it and took what was on the truck without fearing who is watching. Since they know that they will never be police on sight.

Majority of drivers are loosing their jobs daily all because of how some people are earning their living. Unemployment has caused young man to take charge and commit crimes risking jobs of the people who feed their families without commiting s crime.

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