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A R85.7 Million Border Wall Has Been Built In KZN To Prevent Vehicle Smuggling To Mozambique



Apart from illegal immigration that continues to pose a threat to South Africa's economic growth, vehicle smuggling out of South Africa is yet another problem that the government is failing to control. In past reports, it was revealed that some SANDF members assist in breaking the law by allowing vehicle smuggling. Some have been caught but chances are, many of them still get away with helping illegal smugglers.

On The News

Fortunately, the government has built a multimillion-rand wall that aims to limit vehicle smuggling. The R85.7 million border wall in Northern KwaZulu-Natal between South Africa and Mozambique is said to be producing good results and making a lot of difference ever since it was erected.

What The Public Says

According to the public's opinion, the wall will help a lot in reducing crime and should be built in Musina as crime is very high between South Africa and Zimbabwe. However, some say that the wall is not finished and the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure might have looted the funds.

Author's Opinion

Criminals smuggle everything. Illegal firearms, illicit cigarettes, rhino horns, anything that can make them money. Sadly, this continues to rob the country of much-needed tax. Law enforcement has to figure out how the syndicates smuggle the cars and all other goods and how most of them get stolen to prevent them from being smuggled to and from South Africa.

The government has become so desensitized to the slaying of rhinos that they do not try to prevent it anymore. In the background, there could be a minister that's involved hence some thugs keep side-stepping prosecution.

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