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Road Accident

Meet the Zimbabwean man who lives on a mountain because he can not afford a house

It is everyone's hope and wish to own a house. But when things do not go according to plan, there must be compromises.

Charles Saruro (61), says he was released from work after he was badly injured in an accident.

“I was involved in an accident and was badly injured to such an extent that I couldn’t work properly.

“I was a caretaker for such a long time at Gunhill Avenues and they booted me out because I was no longer able to provide enough labour due to the injuries.”

Saruro said he did not have a wife or children.

“I don’t have a wife but am not sure if I have children or not because I have been sexually harassed ever since I was a young boy.”

Charles refused to reveal more information about his abusers because he said that it is not safe for him to let the public know about this in detail.

“Yes I have relatives but I can’t afford to stay with any of them because of family issues and disputes.

“It’s so unfortunate that I am suffering today living on the mountain after a councillor forcibly took my stand and I couldn’t do anything or get any necessary help,” he said.

He said he had no other option than staying in the mountain in this rainy season without food and all other necessary human needs.

“I will be grateful if I can get any kind of help from the community especially to get my stand back from the councillor and also medical help.”

Source: Hmetro

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