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The most dangerous Gangs in South Africa

Most dangerous gangs in South Africa

The second theory relates to the failing relationship between Staggie and the 28s gang. Years before, the Staggie brothers had worked closely with the 28s under the Firm and CORE, two alliances of gang leaders. 

The Firm focused more on regulating the drug trade, while CORE’s aim was ostensibly to contribute to community development in partnership with the government. The strength of this relationship apparently largely rested on Rashaad Staggie’s good standing with the 28s. However, Staggie’s relations with the 28s eventually deteriorated, and rumours link him to multiple recent gang hits or attempted hits.


How coronavirus inspired a gangland truce in South Africa - BBC News

"They are the best distributors in the country," he said. "They are used to distributing other white powders, but still they are distributing things and then, they know everybody."

After the Americans, the Hard Livings are considered to be the second biggest gang in Cape Town. The gang was founded in 1971 by twin brothers Rashied and Rashaad Staggie in the Manenberg neighborhood, and as their criminal enterprise grew, so did tensions with their neighboring rivals. Things came to a head in 1996 when Rashied Staggie was publicly set on fire by a vigilante group.Though the death of Staggie was a hit to the gang's leadership, they remained active in the drug trade and have been known to ally with the Sicilian mafia and the Chinese triads, taking their criminal activity to an international level.


“The gangs still feed on state neglect and social dysfunction,” said Ms. Haysom, the author of a book about violence in the Cape Flats. “But the territorial control, the profits and the violence are vastly greater than they have ever been before.”

Commonly referred to as a ‘brotherhood’, Western Cape’s gang culture is a notoriously masculine space. ‘Troubles,’ one of the founders of the Spoiled Brats, is clear: “Women, they don’t actually get seen. It’s almost like they’re down there. Because the only time need a woman is when they want to satisfy … Then they will fetch a girl.”

Cape Town, widely known as a tourist destination for its historical sites and natural beauty, has become one of the world’s most dangerous cities. The police recorded more than 2,800 murders in 2018, and its homicide rate — about 66 killings per 100,000 people — is surpassed by only the most violent cities in Latin America, according to the Citizens’ Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice, a nongovernmental group in Mexico.

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