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Heartbreaking| More Strange Body Parts Of A Lady Have Been Found

Heartbreaking| More Strange Body Parts Of A Lady Have Been Found

Date: 2021/11/17

This is utterly heartbreaking the woman’s body parts were chopped and put on the fridge, they have found her skull close to the area, the prime suspect is his husband who said who found the body parts of this woman, it is sad that they are still being killed like animals and being put in the fridge as they will be for dinner.

The head of a woman, who was allegedly murdered and her body parts stored in a refrigerator, has been found buried in a shallow grave.

The GBV cases in Soweto protea glen are just out of the norm, how can these people be killing one another, it is a sad nation for sure, the people have no conscience out there, they do the people they claim to love very bad.

Last year it was another lady's bodies parts that were chopped and put in the Bin and the security company saw the whole thing, the guy got a 25 to life for the premeditated murder of a beautiful lady. People are ruthless out there, they care less about other people's feelings, what about that lady's family, the people that love him to death, people who will put him in positions of understanding, growth.

SAPS Crime Scene Tape - Allnet Africa

Some of the men of this country need some sort of rehabilitation, they need to learn how to not take things personally when they date, and live life, it is all a game if she ate your money killing her won't bring it back and the guys should learn that the ladies go for the highest good bidder.

The section of people trying to fix the mentality of African men are very few, they were raised with the mentality that they own women only to find out that they do not own themselves because this entire thing is a journey, and we never get anywhere as we are just going in Cycles over with patterns we are used too.


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